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Ken Anoff "A Time to Drum"
Alex Austin "Nowhere Railroad

David Barber "Forclosureville"
Blues Agave "Guitars & Harmonica"
Alianna Boone "Harp Music to Soothe the Savage Beast"
Marilyn Boren "Ballad Time with Marilyn Boren"
Billy Bowers "Burnt Peanuts"
Billy Bowers "Avocado Sunburst"
Steve Corliss Bryant "The American"
Adam Brock "Brock On"
Rob Bulmer "One Night Out"
Martha Bush "Have Harp Will Travel"
Bullithead "Square Peg"

"Christmas in St. Augustine" 2017
"1565 Americas First Christmas" 2015
"Nights of Lights A Holiday Musical Tradition" 2013
"The Season of Giving" 2012
"Happy Holidays St. Augustine" 2010
"Christmas in St. Augustine- Filling Empty Stockings with Love" 2009
"Happy Chrismtas from St. Augustine" 2008
"Merry Christmas to All" 2007
"Christmas in St. Augustine- The Best of the First Five Years" 2006
"Merry Christmas from St. Augustine" 2005
"Have Yourself A Merry Little St. Augustine Christmas" 2004
"A St. Augustine Christmas II" 2003
"A St. Augustine Christmas" 2002
Mickey Cash and Dewey Via
Ed Carrasquillo "Journey of the Spirit"
Cracker the Box 2
Cracker the Box

Doctor Bill & his solo practice music "I finally got Around Tuit on Post and King"
Doctor Bill and his solo practice of music "Workin' My Mojo"

Jim Essery "Unplugged"
The Exchange "Location Unknown"

Gamble Rogers Folk Festival "Cypress & Brass"
Gamble Rogers Folk Festival "Live 2005" 2-CD's
Willie Green "Blues Project"
Willie Green  "Cross Creek Blues"
Willie Green  "Livin' The Blues"
Willie Green  "Slow Train Blues"

Reginald Hache "Keyboard Odyssey"
Chuck Hardwick "Drifting With the Wind"
Chuck Hardwick "South Florida Sunrise"
Chuck Hardwick "Welcome Aboard"
Daulton Harris
Mark Hart "It's My Turn"
The Haszards "Tim & Sharon Sing Your Favorites"
Bobby Hicks "I'm Florida"
H.A.W.K.E. "Music for the Birds"
Bobby Hicks "The Heart of Me"
Magda Hiller "...Nothing but"
Jason Henley "Pernicious"


The Island Duet "The People's Choice"
The Island Duet "New World Arising"

Rege Lark "It's Only Love"
Stephen Lynch "Stephen & Friends- Hangtown Bar"
Stephen Lynch and Friends "Sunset Lady"
Stephen Lynch "Wolf Road"

John Martindale "St. Augustine Jambalaya"
Matanzas "Johnny Hombres"

NightFall "NightFall"
NightFall "Strangers"

Shannon O'Keefe "The Ring or the Boot"
Ron Osedach "Remember When"

Sam Pacetti "Live at the Milltop Tavern"
Bob and Joline Patterson "Bob & Joline- Friends of Mine- Sunday Nights"
PCEC "River Roads"
Rob Ellis Peck "Live Finally"
Nigel Pickering "Cowards Never Started"
David Pooler "Seeking Asylum"
William H. Powell "As the Deer"
Bernie "Son" Powers "Install Me"

Joey Q "Break Them Chains"

Charles Robertson "Witness Protection"

Tony Scozzaro "A Special Musical Tribute to Tim Russert"
Anastasia Spiecker "Of The Resurrection"
Swompers "Urban Legend"

Frank & Lisa Thomas "The Last Session"
Those Guys "Electrafied"
Those Guys "Live at the Sunset Grill"
Those Guys- III "Smile For the Camera"
Those Guys -Live "Mars Rising"
Tom Tutten "A Songwritters Fairwell

Rocky Vance "Bear Terrier Inn"
Marisella Veiga "Square Watermelon
Vinny Vance Band "I'll Follow The Light"
Vinny Vance Band "Summer Camp"

Wharfratz "Rat Salad"